the BP disaster

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Many know what has happened on the 20th of last April when an explosion to the Deepwater Horizon caused an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven people died and the damage to the environment is huge.
The BP, that is the third largest energy company in the World, is facing a big public trial about the responsibility of the disaster, furthermore his stock value is dropping down day after day at the same speed as the well is releasing oil in the sea. It is fair to say that the BP was running the well without a remote control shut off switch, as a last resort protection against underwater spill, but on the other hand the use of such devices is not mended in US, that has been strongly criticized by many for its weak law regulation over it. In two months, since the disaster has happened, not much has been achieved in the run to stop the oil leaking. The BP had estimated that the loss was 1000 barrel a day in contrast with the government estimations of 5000 a day, up to now the quantity has grown and the actions taken seem ineffective! If the BP is waving in black water, the USA president, Barack Obama is facing an hard time too! Public opinion accuse him of late response on the problem. The president is trying to rehabilitate himself to the USA citizens and worldwide inhabitants but he is getting worse; almost causing a diplomatic crisis with Great Britain, calling the BP with his former name; the “wrong-word-at-the-wrong-moment” president, during a speech, has recalled the 9/11 terror plot comparing it to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, causing an hard reaction in the victims’ relatives. It is expected soon a meeting in the White House with the BP chief executive Mr. Hayward, but it is hard to believe in a fast rise from this disaster. Like in a Greek tragedy we should have the Deus Ex Machina to sort out what men caused to his own planet. If the BP will pay an high price for the disaster, at the moment what appears clear is that the sea life, the birds, the inhabitants around the coast and the fish market are paying an harsh bill!

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